Splinter Cell: Extinction – Web Series (Season 1)


Corbin, a Third Echelon operative, infiltrates a hostile compound to detain a high-value target. But things don’t go as planned and soon, he’s in a fight for his life against the greatest threat he’s ever faced – his own agency.

Episode 1: Cleaning House

Former Third Echelon operative Corbin is on the run after narrowly escaping a trap set by his own agency. Now, dangerous “Cutwater” agents are on his trail. Meanwhile, his handler Arra, who helped him escape, struggles to find a way to ensure her own survival.

Episode 2: I’m Retired

Corbin goes to ground in New York City but is tracked down by former Third Echelon Agents who make him an offer he can’t refuse. But can Corbin trust his fellow fallen agents or is he walking into another trap?

Episode 3: Safe House

Corbin and his team infiltrate a Cutwater safehouse in an attempt to rescue fellow fallen Third Echelon agent. But things go awry and with time running out, Corbin must come up with a contingency plan.

Episode 4: Julian Hunter

Corbin’s attempt to rescue fallen Third Echelon agent quickly goes awry when the head of Cutwater arrives at the safe house. With stealth no longer an option, the two agents must shoot their way out. But as the bullets start flying, a surprise revelation threatens to jeopardize Corbin’s mission to bring down his former employers.

Episode 5: Mind Games

Corbin and his team infiltrate an oil refinery in an attempt to unravel the corrupt Jonathon Ward’s plans, but it goes awry when the traitor who’s infiltrated their ranks reveals his hand in dramatic fashion!

Episode 6: Bait & Bleed

Knife fights, shootouts and betrayals abound in the sixth episode of Splinter Cell: Extinction! Corbin and his team struggle to evade the trap set for them by Jonathon Ward but surviving won’t be easy when the odds are stacked against them!

Episode 7: Loose Ends

Jonathon Ward’s evil machinations come to a head and when the bullets stop flying, Corbin will find himself with a few less allies to count on. Watch the episode and see who survives and who doesn’t!

Episode 8 (Finale): Revelations

Dominic is dead, Corbin is captured, and Jon Ward’s plan is slowly unveiled. But Corbin’s team makes a last ditch effort to ruin the corrupt Ward’s machinations and an epic gunfight ensues!

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