Science Fiction Series Addiction 2



Cast: Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Tony Curran, Stephanie Leonidas, Jaime Murray, Mia Kirshner.

In the year 2046, it’s a new Earth – with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition…


Stargate Universe

Creators: Robert C. Copper, Brad Wright.
Cast: Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman.

Trapped on an Ancient spaceship billions of light years from home, a group of soldiers and civilians struggle to survive and find their way back to Earth.


The Andromeda Strain – Mini-Series

Cast: Benjamin Bratt, Christa Miller, Louis Ferreira, Ricky Schroder.

A crack team of top scientists work feverishly in a secret, state-of-the-art laboratory to discover what has killed the citizens of a small town and learn how this deadly contagion can be stopped.



Creators: Ronald D. Moore, Remi Aubuchon.
Cast: Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz

Two families, the Graystones and the Adamas, live together on a peaceful planet known as Caprica, where a startling breakthrough in artificial intelligence brings about unforeseen consequences. A spin-off of the Sci Fi Channel series “Battlestar Galactica” set 50 years prior to the events of that show.



Creator: Joss Whedon
Cast: Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman

A futuristic laboratory assigns different tasks to its various residents, who then have their memories erased upon the completion of their assignments.


Kyle XY

Creators: Eric Bress, J.Mackye Gruber
Cast: Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean-Luc Bilodeau

A family takes in a formerly institutionalized teen savant (Dallas) who is missing standard human behaviors such as anger, joy and love.


Almost Human

Creator: J.H. Wyman
Cast: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Lili Taylor, Mackenzie Crook.

In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve.



Creator: Rockne S. O’Bannon
Cast: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani John Tupu.

Thrown into a distant part of the universe, an Earth astronaut finds himself part of a fugitive alien starship crew.


Falling Skies

Creator: Robert Rodat
Cast: Maxim Knight, Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Seychelle Gabriel, Will Patton.

Survivors of an alien attack on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back.



Creator: Tim Kring
Cast: Ali LarterHayden PanettiereJack ColemanMilo VentimigliaMasi Oka.

They thought they were like everyone else… until they woke with incredible abilities.