My Top 15 NES Games

Title Art by Reiko.


15. Duck Tales

Produced by key personnel from the Mega Man series, Duck Tales would go on to sell over a million copies worldwide on each system, becoming Capcom’s best-selling title for both platforms.The game was praised for its tight control, unique and non-linear gameplay and bright presentation, and is often regarded as one of the best titles for the NES, appearing on numerous “Best of” lists.



14. Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando is a platforming video game in which the player controls Ladd Spencer, whose mission is to rescue Super Joe and to uncover the mystery behind the Albatros project.



13. Heavy Barrel

Terrorists have seized the underground control complex of a nuclear missile site, and it is up to the player to infiltrate the base and kill the enemy leader. Players begin armed with a laser gun with unlimited ammunition and a limited supply of grenades. Improved weapons and grenade powerups are made available within the game, either in plain sight or within crates that must be unlocked using keys.



12. Tetris

Tetriminos are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of Tetriminos fall down the playing field (a rectangular vertical shaft, called the “well” or “matrix”). The objective of the game is to manipulate these Tetriminos, by moving each one sideways and rotating it by 90 degree units, with the aim of creating a horizontal line of ten blocks without gaps.



11. G.I. Joe

Snake Eyes is one of five characters you will use in your long battle. Receive vital information transmitted from Joe headquarters by General Hawk. Cling to walls while dodging a barrage of enemy fire. Find gun symbols to power up your massive arsenal of weapons. Catch enemy vehicles like the BuzzBoar. Fight the Cobra SeaRay, one of many enemy bosses!



10. Double Dragon

Double Dragon tells the story of two brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, who start a journey in order to save Billy’s girlfriend Marian. The girl has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, a gang of martial artists that are trying to learn the secrets of the technique SouSetsuKen, mastered by the two brothers.



9. Super Contra

Set a year after the events of the original Contra, Bill and Lance, the heroes from the previous game, are sent on a second mission. This time, the alien forces from the previous game have taken over an allied military base, possessing most of its troops.



8. River City Ransom

Slick has kidnapped Ryan’s girlfriend, and has recruited gangs from the local high school to take over the River City. Alex and Ryan must fight their way into the school to rescue her, and save the city from Slick’s cronies.



7. Super Mario Bros 2

One evening, Mario had a strange dream. He dreamt of a long, long stairway leading up to a door. As soon as the door opened, he was confronted with a world he had never seen before, spreading out as far as his eyes could see.



6. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Little Mac and Doc Louis met by chance one day and Doc began teaching him. Mac then proceeds to enter the World Video Boxing Association (WVBA). Mac proceeds, under Doc’s guidance, to beat each opponent that he faces. Eventually, he becomes the World Champion after beating Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson.



 5. Solstice

The events of the game occur at the Winter Solstice. On the eve of the Winter Solstice, Morbius the Malevolent kidnaps Eleanor, Princess of Arcadia, to sacrifice her ritually and become the Evil Baron of Darkness.Shadax the wizard, after witnessing the kidnapping, heads to Morbius’ stronghold, the fortress Kâstleröck, to rescue Eleanor.



 4. Rampage

Monsters can jump and climb buildings, and punch enemies and buildings. Buildings also take damage when jumped on by a monster. The player’s monster receives damage from enemy bullets, sticks of dynamite, shells and so forth, punches from other monsters and from falls. Damage is recovered by eating appropriate food such as fruit, roast chicken, or soldiers.



 3. Super Mario Bros

One day, Bowser, invades the Mushroom Kingdom. He and his Koopa Troop are jealous of the kingdom, and King Bowser decides to take it for himself. To do this, Bowser casts a spell upon the kingdom and transforms all of its inhabitants into blocks, weeds, and other objects.



 2. The Legend Of Zelda

“A long, long time ago the World was in an age of Chaos.”In the midst of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule, a legend was being handed down from generation to generation, the legend of the ‘Triforce’; golden triangles possessing mystical powers. One day, an evil army attacked this peaceful little kingdom and stole the Triforce of Power.



1. Super Mario Bros 3

Bowser has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom and now with the help of the seven Koopalings, he tries to conquer it again. He sends his Koopalings (Larry, Roy, Lemmy, Wendy, Iggy, Morton, and Ludwig) into seven parts of the Mushroom World to steal the Mushroom Kings’ magic wands, and with the wands, transform the Kings into various creatures.

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Kyle Gransaull