Mario Warfare – Live Action Mario Bros Film


Watch the entire MARIO WARFARE series recut as a single movie! With score by Karel Antonin and improved effects by David Keninger. Written and directed by Micah Moore. Co-written by Christopher G. Moore. Produced by Blake Faucette, Rick Burnett, Matthew Sumner, and Micah Moore.

Starring Matthew Sumner as Mario, Jarod Kearney as Luigi, Alena Koch as Princess Peach, Brian Lee as Toad, Eric Jacobus as Waluigi, Anthony Robinson as Bullet Bill, David Berberian as The King, and Rick Burnett as Bowser.

Short Film: Project Kronos


Project Kronos

Director/Writer: Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull
Time:14 Mins
Genre: Science Fiction

Project Kronos is a documentary film set in the not too distant future, following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda.

Featured Short Film: Noon



Director: Kasra Farahani
Time: 12 Mins
Genre: Science Fiction

Noon is a scene from a completed feature screenplay. The short sets up the world’s unique premise and introduces our protagonist, Gray, a coyote numbed to the cruelty of the world and his part in it. We watch Gray struggle to salvage what humanity still exists within him when profit is pitted against morality.


Featured Short Film: Loom (2012)


Loom (2012)

Director: Luke Scott
Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Jelly Howie
Time: 20 Mins
Genre: Science Fiction

This Featured Short Film follows Ribisi’s character Tommy – a lab tech who genetically modifies meat and begins a dangerous at-home experiment he struggles to perfect.

Luke Scott in cooperation with RED Camera presents “LOOM”. This Featured Short Film is shot completely in 4K format in the tone and style of Ridley Scott’s dystopian Blade Runner. The film was originally intended to help showcase the prototype REDray 3D laser player. The film was constructed for 3D, the film needed to push the limits of the cameras exposure sensitivity and colour range and 4K projection. Visually the film is unmatched to date in it’s use of RED’s new technology.